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Dharma Theory Overview

  1. What is Esoteric Buddhism? The secrets of the Buddha lies not outwards but inwards within you.
  2. True faith in Dharma.
  3. Dharma – enlightenment in a lifetime.
  4. What are the unorthodox practices masquerading as Dharma?
  5. What is the unorthodox?
  6. How to differentiate the unorthodox groups within Buddhism?
  7. What is “Reincarnation within the six realms”?
  8. Where are the six pathways to reincarnation located? How can we seal them for good?
  9. What is the Twenty-Eight Devalokas (heavens)?
  10. What is the Ten Spiritual Realms?
  11. The stages of attainment in Buddhism: primary level, secondary level, baccalaureate, masters, doctorate. How do we discern the stages of attainment?
  12. How do we approach the teaching of Dharma? How do we teach and attain the youthful rejuvenation of the body? How do we teach a householder with an imperfect body? How do we teach ordained monks?
  13. Gautama the Buddha witnessed the illuminated star and attained enlightenment. What was his enlightenment about?
  14. Gaining wisdom (prajna) from the scriptures versus gaining wisdom (prajna) from reality.
  15. Create no written records. Do not speak of the teachings it to the uninitiated. The truth is imprinted from heart to heart, directed straight into our hearts. Witness your true nature and attain Buddhahood.
  16. What is the key to integrate both exoteric and esoteric Dharma practices?
  17. We seek to resonate with the Dharma when we are learning. What kind of resonance are we seeking for and how do we seek it?
  18. Dharma and esoteric abilities (Siddhis).
  19. What is Bodhicitta? What is Bodhicitta in reality?
  20. What is the Vajracitta (indestructible consciousness)? What is the Vajrakaya (indestructible body)? What is the Abhisambodhikaya?
  21. Nekkhamma (Renunciation), Bodhicitta, Mahakaruna (Great Compassion), Expedient Siddhi (Esoteric Abilities). The importance of the cultivation of the four aspects.
  22. What is spiritual cultivation?
  23. What is the difference between inner cultivation and cultivation as we know it?
  24. How can we attain Buddhahood with this body?
  25. What are the core esoteric practices in the practice of Dharma?
  26. What is Tang Mi (Chinese Esoteric Buddhism)?
  27. What is Tibetan Vajrayana (Tibetan Esoteric Buddhism)?
  28. What are the commonalities of Esoteric Buddhism and Exoteric Buddhism? What is the difference?
  29. What is “illumination of the heart, witnessing your true nature”?
  30. How can you achieve the state of “Illumination of the heart, witnessing your true nature”?
  31. What happens when one attains Buddhahood?
  32. What is the relationship between Adibuddha, Samantabhadra, Vairocana Buddha?
  33. What is the relationship between the Tathāgata and all Buddhas, Bodhisattvas?
  34. What did Nagarjuna, patriarch of the eight Buddhist sects want to teach us?
  35. Brief introduction on the Vajrayana Bodhicitta Discourse
  36. Introduction of Tiantai – three types of cessations and three types of visualisations.
  37. hat is the difference between visualisation and imagination?
  38. What does it mean “when we begin in truth, it is true for all; when we begin in falsehood, it is false for all?”
  39. What is deep meditative visualisation? What is dream state visualisation?
  40. What are the essentials for meditation?

Dharma Practices that will be covered under this course:

  • Tiantai Introspection Meditation Practice
  • Lamp Illumination of the Heart Practice
  • Ksitigarbha Fiery Orb Practice
  • Self-Dissolution Practice
  • Dream State Visualisation Practice
  • Repentance Practice
  • Bodhicitta Cultivation Practice
  • Nine Round Pranayama
  • Trul Khor Practice
  • Tummo Practice
  • Esoteric Mantra Chanting Practice
  • Tiantai Six Syllable Pranayama
  • Tang Mi Full Moon Visualisation Practice
  • Mahamayuri Mantra
  • Cundi Yidam Practice (Cundi Deity Yoga Practice)
  • Vajrasattva Repentance Practice
  • Five Elemental Mantra for Pure Land Attainment Practice
  • Six-Syllables Great Bright Mantra Three Meridians Seven Chakra Practice
  • Amitabha Salvation Practice
  • Ksitigarbha Salvation Practice

Course Curriculum

Esoteric Buddhism Foundation Lesson 1
Esoteric Buddhism Foundation Lesson 1 02:21:00
Esoteric Buddhism Foundation Lesson 2
Esoteric Buddhism Foundation Lesson 2 03:24:00
Esoteric Buddhism Foundation Lesson 3
Esoteric Buddhism Foundation Lesson 3 03:04:00
Esoteric Buddhism Foundation Lesson 4
Esoteric Buddhism Foundation Lesson 4 03:24:00
Esoteric Buddhism Foundation Lesson 5
Esoteric Buddhism Foundation Lesson 5 02:53:00
Esoteric Buddhism Foundation Lesson 6
Esoteric Buddhism Foundation Lesson 6 03:59:00

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