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Wisdom of Life Evolutionary Foundation

This foundation “Wisdom of Life Evolutionary” program will fully equip our students with theoretical foundation and techniques.

Course Curriculum

M1 Essence of Meditation
M1 Lesson 1 Details 02:37:00
M1 Lesson 2 Details 03:21:00
M1 Lesson 3 Details 03:05:00
M1 Lesson 4 Details 03:06:00
M2 Shaping Your Destination
M2 Lesson 1 Details 02:22:00
M2 Lesson 2 Details 03:30:00
M2 Lesson 3 Details 03:20:00
M2 Lesson 4 Details 03:16:00
M3 Illness Rehabilitation
M4 Shaping Your Destiny for Fortune Longevity and Joy
M5 Esoteric Buddhism Charkra Cultivation
M6 Longevity and Health Revuvenation
M7 Ancient Natural Bigu Detoxification and Weight Loss
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