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Master of Life

Zhang Bu Sheng

Cultural Master

Spiritual Master

Sinology Master

Principal Specialist, Singapore Chinese Culture Media Academy

Dean, Singapore Chinese Metaphysics Institute

Dean, Singapore Tang Mi Research Institute

Vice-Chairman, Singapore Chinese Culture Promotion Association

Chief Editor/ Chief Lecturer, Origin of Self (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Tao Medical Practitioner | Ba Zi and Divination Practitioner | Feng Shui Master | Lecturer | Author

An illustrious master in applied Sinology, Master Zhang is a contemporary master of Life taking after luminaries such as Grandmaster Nan Huai-Chin. He is proclaimed as a revered Grandmaster by the late Mr Lee Khoon Choy, Singapore’s Founding Minister of State for Culture.

In nearly 30 years of practice, Master Zhang has relentlessly pursued the truth. In his pursuit, he has thoroughly surveyed Eastern schools of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, having deep exchanges with more than 50 esoteric masters. To ensure the completeness of his search, he travelled extensively to study Catholicism and Christianity in Europe, Islam, and Hinduism and other religions throughout the rest of the world.

Through the field of genetic engineering in the realm of life sciences, and the field of Quantum Mechanics, Professor Zhang has integrated ancient wisdom and modern science through the development of powerful scientific methods for self-transformation based on “Wisdom of Life Three-Dimensional Evolution System ". These practices are easy to perform, enhances the cultivation of body, mind and soul and creates dramatic results in a short time. He has thus laid a solid foundation for human evolution in the contemporary era.

Effectively bridging ancient wisdom and modern science, Professor Zhang has raised awareness of this possibility in over tens of thousands of people, with over a thousand successfully finishing his courses. The utility of his practices and techniques are clearly evident. As such, many have benefited and have successfully began their personal journey of cultivating the body, mind and soul to achieve mastery over themselves to resolve their issues and achieve everlasting joy and happiness.


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