Master Zhang Bu Sheng
Master of Inner Alchemy
Master of Buddhist Mysticism
Taoist Lineage Holder (25th Generation)
Master of Fengshui Geomancy
Master of Astrology and Astral Studies

With more than 30 years of inner cultivation, Master Zhang attained enlightenment and accomplished profound mastery of Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian practices.  With that as grounding, he travelled extensively to the Western world in a quest to deepen his understanding of their various spiritual practices, including that of the Jewish, Christian and Islamic traditions. These travels had taken him even to places like Egypt and Greece, which all confirmed something he had already innately known – that whatever inner teachings there were in the Eastern tradition which could lead one to sanctification, the Western tradition had as well.  Yet it filled him with deep heartbreak knowing that most practitioners today are unable to access the innermost teachings in both traditions – which will empower one to achieve full divinisation of the self.  This is a systematic, scientific, and progressive journey which has been lived, fulfilled and orated by many sages.  

Master Zhang has said that “if only you know what I know, see what I see, and hear what I hear, then you will know why I have given myself up completely to the cause of bringing these teachings to light so that everyone can once again go within and be empowered.  Once you get there, you will know all the other great sages of the past were simply doing the same, sharing truths not of their own creation or perception, but simply revelations they received as they walked the path.  It isn’t philosophy, it isn’t renaissance art, it isn’t self-creation, it simply is absolute truth transmitted as it is.” 

Having sought out more than 50 masters from various traditions in his journey to enlightenment, some of whom were living in complete seclusion, he found it critical to be able to learn from a living master who has already walked the path and attained enlightenment himself or herself – as this allows one to be able to be highly efficient and appropriately guided, especially when one is making wrong turns, some of which the ramifications can be disastrous.  He doesn’t make any self-proclaimed statements, but instead shares the teachings of the ascended masters, and enlightened masters that he has learnt from.

Being a Singapore citizen, Master Zhang was branded a National Treasure by the late Mr. Lee Khoon Choy, Singapore’s Founding Minister of State for Culture.

Master Zhang has gained mastery of the five systems of transcendental arts such as arts of medical treatment, arts of divination, arts of physiognomy (e.g. Feng Shui), astrology and astral studies and arts of self-perfection. He has mentioned that these are necessary skills to master in order to help people who are in dire needs, and these require much more than theoretical knowledge. They require super sensibilities which everyone can develop. 

Master Zhang’s expertise lies in his ability to unify ancient wisdom and integrate that with modern science – unravelling the secrets of human evolution.  This allows one to remain grounded in their own affinities yet be able to objectively learn and take their own practice to the next level and way beyond. People are surprised at how fast they can acquire wisdom, transmute their ills and misfortunes, but Master Zhang will say “This has to be fast, there are too many people with limited time seeking and burning for the truth, and too little of us getting the message out!”

Whilst many first start learning as students to achieve mastery over their body, mind and soul; they begin experiencing inner joy and peace, and truly remarkable, positive changes in their life systemically. They get inspired by Master Zhang’s great compassion and become disciples to deepen their mystical transmission and to contribute to greater cause as well.  Whatever the intentions, everyone has a place to learn and benefit from meeting Master Zhang as he has profound wisdom and insight to many aspects of life.  

With his powers harnessed through inner cultivation, Master Zhang has relieved many people of various sufferings and illnesses. His esoteric abilities (siddhis) guide students on the path of wellbeing. His awakened clarity enables him to counsel many students to walk through their traumas, eliminate their shortcomings, and to live a better and holistic life.  

Master Zhang’s geomancy expertise is also truly distinctive and remarkable. He can, within a short visit, transform a residence or a workspace into a field of radiant, positive energy with his transcendental abilities. Anyone who is present will always witness the difference. The transcendental geomancy abilities which have been passed down from generations through an unbroken and untainted lineage, are most importantly used to locate energy vortices and centres on earth, also known as “Dragon Meridians”.  He has led meditation retreats to such places where practitioners are constantly amazed at the potent and transformative effects they experience.

He is a beacon of light that brings the darkness of the profound into the light of simplicity.

We strongly urge you to take up the opportunity to meet Master Zhang Bu Sheng.

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